Why was bitcoin invented (So we never forget)

Satoshi Made bitcoin with a special intention in mind Power decentralization
I remember the collapse of 2008 I lost my job & I was fresh outta prison
Disclaimer: I did 18 months for dui …now I live where it is legal to drink& drive
but i have not had a drink in 10 years :drooling_face: :scream:
I moved to a third world country and noticed that Governments the majority
are control freaks and this brings me to the point of this topic.Bitcoin is a super
threat to governments NO MORE Bank Bailouts without my permission
NO more banks seizing funds that belong to someone & no more opression
If you comment on this post please leave one reason we should always
remember why it is important that Crypto’s Stay Decentralized .
"Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Disruption, deregulation, decentralisation. Peer to peer, borderless and an open ledger that records the transactions, that cannot be changed. However, this is a two way street. Try and look at this from the perspective of the elite. Have you considered that perhaps this is exactly what they want? Hard to believe - I know, but red flags are appearing - like humans being implanted with ‘enhancement’ chips, One world currency, the loss of our privacy.

The question of “Why was bitcoin created?” is a simple one. As written in the Bitcoin White Paper, “What is needed is an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, allowing any two willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party.” Bitcoin was created for ultimate decentralization of peer-to-peer transactions with complete anonymity in the network. The goal of Bitcoin is, ultimately, decentralization of control over transactions. As in, to separate from the world of legal tender, fiat currency, and even asset-backed currency. Those can all be inflated and diluted, taking purchasing power and control from the users.

That is why I am worried about the implementation of The Lightning Network. The Lightning Network steers away from the mission of bitcoin to the consolidation of BTC into payment-channel bearing full nodes for the creation of a network. This network is no longer decentralized. The Lightning Network creates incentivization to create a consolidated network of hubs of BTC payment channels for maximum fee earning. I do not understand why the BTC community supports The Lightning Network, especially since it goes against the mission of Bitcoin. Hopefully, I am very wrong on this.