XRP - Spark airdrop

Having difficulty understanding the background and process for how and why set my XRPs up for the Dec 12th Flare networks Spark airdrop. After reading some info (including the article below), I am not sure on how to register an account/or where to register it, as my XRP are on Coinbase, which isn’t listed as one of the listed participating exchanges. I have also just purchased a Ledger S, which I think can be linked to receive Spark airdrop, but not sure.

Basically, as someone just getting started in crypto, I want to avoid making mistakes/ending up scammed from doing this registration the wrong way, and am wondering how I get my XRPs to one of the participating exchanges.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Ok, so now i have moved my XRP to my ledger S, and am on the below website to look at how to set up for the Flare airdrop. Want to check this isn’t a scam website - any help is appreciated.