Your experience with NFT's?

Hi guys! What’s your experience with NFT’s? I’m a musician and I tried to create some NFT’s on Rarible ( ). If you have any experience in this field, could you please give me some tips? I’m a total noob in this. Thanks!



What are you wanting to do with NFTs? Are you looking for instructions on creating an NFT? Establishing yourself as an artist?

Also NFTs can be so much more than gif based artwork. There are collectibles, trading cards, game items, digital land, and much more. I am currently starting a project that uses RFID to tie physical items to ERC1155 NFTs.

If you are looking to create and sell NFTs (as art) then you would need to establish a community that is specifically interested in you as an artist or has a common center of interest (i.e. @ivan and the X Pants cards). As an example see Gala Mirissa ( or on open sea search for Gala Mirissa) (note I am not affiliated with this artist).

If you are looking for a deep dive on how NFTs work do a search on EIP 1155.

Please let me know if there is any specific information or questions I could help with.



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I think the possiblities for NFTs will go way beyond art and the like. Imagine being able to tokenize the value of your house without putting it up as collateral and you earn money staking it. It’s only a concept but I think it’ll be the future.