Your tips to supercharge your development?

Hi guys. I’m a self employed contractor and I wonder what things you do in order to stay up to date in this space and to learn new skills?

For me it all began when I was prohibited to listen to my favorite music at work ( I’m a Black and Death Metal fan and naturally my colleagues are not ). So I had to use my headphones in stead. That lead to me towards discovering audiobooks and courses. Since I usually work alone, for the past 7 years I listened to a few hundred books, learned Spanish, German and French ( aside from my Dutch and Russian ) and started to learn Mandarin.

Right now I have huge problems communicating with my work colleagues, since all the stuff I’m interested in, is not a topic of the daily conversations at work ( LOL ). As a side benefit of this strategy of audiobooks and courses I gravitated away from Television and mass media and I couldn’t be happier.

What kind of strategies do you use at work / at home in order to enrich your knowledge ( even if it’s not in the crypto space )? Thanks!


I really like Valuetainment. Patrick Bet-David has been killing it with their content on youtube. Recently I’ve also gotten back into the the Rich Dad series of books by Robert Kiyosaki. The Rich Dad channel also has good content. If you haven’t yet seen the “Hidden Secrets of Money” series by Mike Maloney, I’d also highly recommend that- a few of those videos are linked in the “Bitcoin Standard” academy course. Some really great videos on the “Better Than Yesterday” channel.

I also like to listen to music when coding, but it can be distracting to me if it has a lot of vocals. Audiobooks for me would be out- at least while coding.


I could have pretty much copied your reply word for word. I’m a huge fan of Mike Maloney and his HSOM series. Lately I’ve been revisiting his Decoding The Elite Plan For The World Economy video. Love content by Pat Bet-David and Kiyosaki also.

I don’t know how many people still do this, but taking handwritten notes has also proven helpful to my learning. Writing engages the brain in a way that typing cannot do for some reason. When I watch these videos I always have a notebook handy.


I also watched Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money and think it’s an essential piece of education if you’re in this space. Peter Josephs’s Zeitgeist is also worth watching although you may end up renouncing all your worldly possessions including crypto if you watch all three of them :joy:

I love audiobooks but unfortunately can’t listen to them whilst working, I’m a consultant so always speaking to clients and having video calls. Even when I’m coding though I couldn’t focus on an audiobook and would rather listen to music.

I stay up to date on news in this industry by tuning into Ivan’s stream everyday and signing up to news outlets in the Telegram app like CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, BitcoinExchangeGuide and others. Twitter is a great place to stay up to date, in particular I like to follow prominent people in this industry.

I’m also looking for some open source projects I can try my hand at to improve my blockchain dev skills.

Who do you follow on Twitter?



Plus a lot of coins and exchanges


That’s very inspiring that you learned all those languages wile working! awesome

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Thanks man. Truth be told, I have a boring job and I love travelling. So languages were extremely important to know. And don’t listen to anyone that it’s difficult to learn. With a Pimsleur or Michel Thomas audio course you’ll be speaking a foreign language in 3 months tops!