Youtube channels?

Not sure if the right place to ask it, but I was wondering what other crypto channels do people here follow and like. I imagine everyone follows Ivan’s


The main channels I follow are:


Ivan is my No.1 channel on cypto but ithers include

Boxmining - - I know Ivan has worked with this guy before

Louis Thomas -

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I like boxmining, the modern investor, Louis Thomas, David hay, crypto daily, aantonop, Ameer rosic, crypto news, and crush crypto (crush crypto gets two votes - not only does she crush ico reviews she crushes those shoulderless tops)


I will start watching these, thanks!

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I like Boxmining and also Crypto Daily

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MrYukonC has a pretty good channel that primarily talks about investment commentary? Can’t quite pinpoint it haha.

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My own sugestions are:
aantonop -
Cryptocurrency Market -
Bad Crypto Podcast -

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In terms of trading, i think one of the most accurate youtubers is “The Node Investor”. Ive been following him for quite sometime and he is good. Antonopoulos is very good, but i think one must watch him live, not on youtube. I believe he know a lot more than we actually watch on youtube.

Ivan, boxmining, modern investor, coin mastery (i like his capitalise point of view, but he is very inaccurate in most of his predictions. I never follow his trading advice personally). These are few of the main youtubers i enjoy to watch frequently

I literally learned how to day trade crypto from these 3 channels. I highly recommend checking them out if you would like to trade this way.


I’m new.

The YouTuber Siraj Raval has a playlist explaining some cryptos in brief. He really knows about engineering and math, and is very charismatic and concise.

Here it is. If we nag him we might him making more videos on cryptocurrencies.


I mainly follow:

David Hay:
Clear, mostly unbiased views on what is happening in the space, portfolio advise and informative videos.

Ivan on Tech:
Needs no introduction

Coin Mastery:
Bitcoin movements and predictions

Similar to Ivan on Tech, sometimes too similar

Digi Dels:
Small channel, views on upcoming blockchain technologies, wallet creation for various coins, all round clear and concise views on the cryptoworld.

Doug Polk:
Aside form being highly entertaining, has proven to have some very valid points on various negative projects / scams / pump and dumps


Looks like an interesting channel, will check it out, thanks!

Guys check out this youtube channel, he could use support!

I believe, there should be separate topics for “tech oriented” and “trading oriented” channels as people might be interested in different aspects. Or tagging the links in this one could work at early stages.

Personally, I like youtube content by Dan Lipert.