Zero experience in Blockchain or cooding

Good Evening everyone,

I m 39 years old and I decided to change my carrier.
What are the chances to get a job in Blockchain technology and what are the chances any company to recognize the certificates fron this University. I know I have to put a big amount of work and I very keen to do this as always was my dream to learn coding and now this new Blockchain technology made me to wish more to get into this.
If anyone has any advices or suggestions I will be very grateful if you can put them on the comments. Thank you very much


I honestly think if you join and finish some of the courses, especially the programming ones. You can get a job in this field for sure. Ivan on Tech academy has reached over 20k students in just 2 years which still amazes me to this day. Imagine the next bull market and how many people will come and join in the future. I am sure companies will be looking for people who attended this academy as its been growing pretty fast. The courses are very educational and helpful.

Take a look at this article. It was posted in the january of 2020.

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Hi Mauro, really appreciate your message and I want to thank you…

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No problem, Gabriel. I am glad to help you out. There is a lot of opportunities in the crypto space. I wish you all the best. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

Hi Gabriel,

I’m 48 years old and have two kids. I have a long career in architecture and education. I realised that these industries are so overregulated/ monopolised that it’s impossible to succeed. Blockchain is unregulated, (at least so far so good.)

Personally I wouldn’t invest in anything else right now, so if you enjoy it I’d say it’s your best bet.

Thank you very much for the motivating words. I will try everything to succeed.

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