Hi All New World Order Enthusiasts,

My name is Bola.

To be honest , I will say am an adventurer in this world because I believe in opportunities where most people won’t see it. I do my best to continue to quest for knowledge and that is why I am here.

I am an ardent learner of Applied Financial Markets which means I am trading Financial Markets Live and I have been in this field since June 2006 about 14years now.

Also am a Techie which means I love technical stuff anything that has to do with the computer. Although I was introduced to computers around 1991 back in Nigeria but I became so much interested in internet around 1998.

Also lately I have ventured into taking my adventure into the world of Fine Dinning, I use to have a posh restaurant between year 2014 and 2018 which I build from myself from the scratch without a loan and run it with my partner for that period. We delve into Afro Caribbean cuisines.

Currently, I am looking into some new adventure in Agriculture,Mining & Mineral Resources Supply Chain and I still continue to teach my followers the financial market.

And my major aim is to turn some of my ideas into a crypto project with a benefit to all users and contributors. We have named the cryptocurrency OPULENCE and the aim is to be a Quadrillionaire together with all of our contributors and take the world beyond the next tech advancement and speed up the chains of innovations.

You are welcome to my little but exciting and challenging world.