7th and 8th of Nov - See Ivan On Tech LIVE - Nordic 360 Blockchain

Just want to let you know that if you are in Stockholm 7th-8th of November you can see me live on an event called Nordic 360 Blockchain. This is an event mainly for Swedish industry leaders, managers and decision makers. But anyone can buy a ticket and attend. I’ll be on stage 3 times.

The first day I will kick of the entire conference.
The second day I have two keynotes - one about ICOs and another about DAOs.

You can find the agenda here http://almatalentevents.se/nordic360blockchain/agenda/ and if you are in Stockholm 7-8 November and this seems interesting you can use the discount code nbc50 to get 50% off! :gift_heart: Hope to see some of you there!


Ivan congrats on you taking main stage. Your hard work has paid off!

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thank you my friend! :slight_smile: