A little feedback for Defi 101 course facilitator

Dude. You have to stop saying “uuuhhhhhh” and actually finish your sentences. I feel like I’m listening to a friend who just took a huge of bong hit try to explain string theory and Israeli-Palestinian relations at the same time.

I appreciate the content but, man… you are all over the place. You flip from tab to tab and you don’t finish your thoughts and randomly go on to the next thought without finishing the first.

At this point I’m basically using your vids purely to gather references. It’s a complex topic with a lot to cover - I get it. So on that note, it really doesn’t help to just keep blurting out blockchain buzzwords over and over while simply narrating the buttons you click without providing a concise why or how or who. I can see for myself that you clicked A, and then B happened… what I’d like a little more insight on is they why, the how, the mechanics, and the logic behind it.

Anyways - this all these courses are still much appreciated but if guys plan on doing a revamp anytime soon, how about keeping the number of “ummmms” to under 25 times a minute?


I second this opinion, very difficult to follow this course. Quickly changing through tabs and flashing with the mouse is not efficient. Really miss Ivan’s approach with drawing.