Algorithmic Trading & Technical Analysis

I have tried to save the attached code to trading view , and i keep getting an error

Processing script…

Script could not be translated from: minval=1)|E|

|B|toDay =

// This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at
// ©My Name

strategy(title=“Crossing Ma”, overlay=true)

//date and times
fromMonth = input(defval=1, title = “from Month”, minval=1)
fromDay = input(defval=1, title = “from Day”, minval=1)
fromYear = input(defval=2019, title = “from Year”, minval=2014)

toMonth = input(defval=1, title = “To Month” minval=1)
toDay = input(defval=1, title = “To Day” minval=1)
toYear= input(defval=2025, title = “To Year” minval=2014)

ShortMa = sma (close, 20)
LongMa = sma (close, 50)

longSignal = crossover(ShortMa, LongMa)
shortSignal = crossover(LongMa, ShortMa)

strategy.entry(id=“longPosition”, long=true, when=longSignal)
strategy.entry(id=“shortPosition”, long=false, when=shortSignal)

Why ?? Pls help me