Are you still using Google

did you know Google Graphic processor is named “Adreno” and their web browser is named “Chrome”.

If you still have not eat your red pill, then investigate by yourself what AdrenoChrome is (scary shit)

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Please share link to Google’s graphics processor with this name.

Now i do a exception and serve you the link, but info like this, you should very easy find yourself just by a simple search…

You’ve completely lost me here… What links Qualcomm to Google?

Adreno is an anagram of Radeon.

Are you referring to illuminati conspiracy theories?

I would call ir conspiracy facts, but anyway yes. What i can read is that google made Chrome in 2008 and then in 2009 when the got new GPU they right away created the name Adreno. But maybe I am wrong and its all just a coincidental naming of two products. The question is how many coincidences does it take to be mathematic impossible to still be an coincidence.

Oh my goodness but that sounds scary! That just can’t mean anything good. Is there a decentralized alternative for Google anywhere in the works? Duck duck go isn’t decentralized.