Assignment - Digital R.I.C.H.E.S

I will not start a Fintec company. I go through the course for understanding the world of finances a little bit better. But when you explained R.I.C.H.E.S. I felt very inspired. Real time means to be in the now time, to express what is now, to do what to need to be done. Intelligence is cognitive straight thinking and associative like island hopping. Software and blockchain must be more intuitive and integrate associative space. Humans think in symbols, the symbols are pools of experience. Using words we share information but it is more than an information, it is a world of symbols behind. Contextual is asking if something is meaningful for you. For that you have to know what makes sense for you, who you are and what is your vision. If you want to create something contextual you need to know the visions of your customers. So in the fintech product should be integrated real time cOmmunication in an online Community or a vision platform. Human feel like humans when they are in contact, free and Social . Further they need love and visions without that we are only software. Being extendible is my talent. I always find creative bridges between world of products. I thing I can offer companies my service to expand products in building netbridges, in finding new unexpected markets by connecting worlds of users. Is there a name for such a service?

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Real Time: Transactions will be done near realtime

Intelligence: Service can advice users to attach certain attributes to their profile and it will show attributes attached to wallet they are transacting with.

Contextual: Service can provide information overall transactions and overall requirements of attributes needed. Create reports etc. Build transparency.

Human : Instead of only providing technical guarantee of transactions, help user to build trust in service by allowing to set customisation what he/she feels important

Extendable : Trust is something that is hard to create between anonymous parties, trust can be built based on attributes and positive transactions users do on the network.

Social: Data can be shown like in donations how I compare to other donators. Data also can be show which targets get most of the funds etc.