Assignment - Jobs To Be Done

  • Map out your customers’ journey. Focus on describing every activity of your customer in detail.

Feel free to use this customers’ journey template when doing the assignment:
(You can duplicate it after registering for free on Figma and going to the main menu. In the Figma lecture, you can learn more about Figma.)


Buyer Persona
Our ideal customer is middle-class higher educated city family members actively thinking about their finance, freedom, and retirement.

Age: 35-65 I feel like people below 35 often don’t have enough savings to greatly benefit from investing and instead focus on consumption.

Gender: All

Location: Cities, the richer the city, the better.

Job Profile:
Medium level corporate employees
Small/medium-sized entrepreneurs
Top 20% of income makers in the region

Daily Activities:
Reading/watching news.
Learning how to improve themselves or their businesses by taking different kinds of courses.
Spending time with family and taking care of kids.

Customers’ Journey

Articles that helped get through this exercise:


Sorry. This is also asking for confidential company secrets. I would rather not get the certificate than leak out this information.

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Most details here need to be reserved. Involves existingly operational partners with some first-to-market innovations to be enabled through partnerships, BAAS solutions, and unique proprietary tech/IP.

Please see my answers to the BCM and RICHES questions. There is a huge existing service/product stack & through partnership integrations already being discussed certain new features will be added (before competitors can react / imitate). I can hint using some of the following details:

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Looks like an amazing concept! :smile: :clap:

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Thanks a lot buddy, Actually I have recently finished the white paper and we are launching the first phase on 15th January.

keeping these tools for reference as i progress through the academy and explore options = thanks n good luck in your projects, to 1n’all

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Great framework. I’m a huge fan. Thanks.

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Map out your customers’ journey. Focus on describing every activity of your customer in detail. I’d love to but yet again. This is the wrong forum for sharing confidential information and it is subject to NDA. I might be stupid but please tell me why you are repeatedly asking for free confidential information without any incentives whatsoever. It is a great concept for Ivan on Tech to develop its own business at very low cost. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :clap: Please stop asking for free information. You seem to forget that we are actually paying for this. and in my opinion and based on my humble experience. It is very cheeky and I am not impressed at all. :innocent: the figma tool is very useful, thanks for sharing. :+1: