Bitcoin Value > $10,000

I remember some very optimistic targets for Bitcoin $ such as 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000…
I am wondering where you think BTC could end up in the next few years in USD terms?
Specially if we treat all Bitcoin forked currencies as one.
To me it seems as though the $10,000 was reached last week, when the combined BTC & BCH prices > 10,000.
After the 1st Aug fork, if the holder either kept BCH or sold and re-invested into BTC then the holder could justifiably account for the new holdings as one.
We now have BTG and soon Bitcoin Diamond.
The forks are very positive to BTC holders.
Can anyone see Bitcoin combined cryptos reaching $20,000 in the near future 3 to 6 months?
$100,000 in during 2019? (measured using pre 1st Aug 17 valuation)
How about valuing the whole Crypto market (i.e. including Ethereum, Ripple, NEO)?

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@Jon, hello. In regards to Bitcoin and the other top ten, I expect these tokens (especially those marked as true utility tokens) will take off like a rocket (its going to be one epic party until the sec crashes the party and asks for everyone’s id - howey style) once institutional investors and the new financial products based on digital currencies/assets go live by Q1-Q3 of 2018. I had to laugh when I read an article today that a large Korean bank was setting up an institutional program like coinbases’s for south korean institutions to go live in 2018. There is nothing like South Korean exuberance to swing a market up.

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I will put a punt on a 1 tn$ overall crypto market cap by end of 2018.

Jepb100 and David. Interesting bullish opinions on the crypto market.
It is still early days, thus some of the currencies will take off like a rockets. Be good to have a wider adoption in investment type products.
Should see some huge value increases coming from specially the top 5 or 10 cryptos.
1tn$ overall by end of 18 sounds doable, let’s see… Many thanks.

Huge recent rise, before we get to the 1tn.
Signs are pointing to a massive sell off (drop) soon?
The infamous market correction.
How big can such a drop be?
Can you imagine a 80% drop?