BZX to Metamask wallet!?

Help Please!

I recently tried to purchase some BZRX on the 1inch Dex. I tried to send it to my Metamask but nothing happened which makes me think Metamask wallet doesn’t support BZX yet, does anyone if that is true? If it’s not supported have I lost my BZX?


You already tried to add the token manually to Metamask.

The address of the BZRX contract is

@Thaddeus19 thank you very much, I’ve got my millions back!!

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Hi @Thaddeus19 how do you get the address as i have a similar problem with another coin?



Sure, you go to Metamask activity and look for the Token transaction, then you click on the Tx and it takes you to Etherscan and there you can get the contract. The example below is on Kovan Testnet but it’s the same on Mainnet.

Thanks @Thaddeus19, I love this community!!