Casper network (CSPR)


Last week I randomly received CSPR coins in my Metamask wallet.

CSPR contract: 0xe054dd30026149b171b5349c19e4656acd70786a

Sender address: 0xb0c02e716a8058f68975D8688828ad8E25e5D29B

Does any know what this is? Just to be sure I’m not moving these coins before I know what CSPR is. On DexTools i can only see 49 transactions in total for this token address, buy orders only. The sender address sent out 46 transactions.

gr. Nick

Did you booked the DeFi course? Perhaps through that. Thanks for your answering my comment. It is hope for me that some people look for new ways.

No I didn’t. I received the CSPR tokens shortley after I swapped ETH for LABS on Uniswap. I think this is somehow related.