Consensus - question

Hello everyone,
I have just learned about consensus in Bitcoin and how mining works as an incentive for more people to validate data that is added to the blockchain.
This made me thing about a question, what will happen when there is no more Bitcoin to mine? what will work as incentive for people to do the consensus process?

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Hi @Riyad_Alnajem , the network fees i think… in 2140 the bitcoin price can be so high that the commissions will be enough for the miners… :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Riyad_Alnajem! I would like to write a long answer but I’m thinking this video will be more precise in answering your question. This video opened my mind into a lot more possibilities not just on bitcoin but on the whole ecosystem of blockchain.

Good luck on learning more about blockchain technologies.


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Thank you so much! will watch them shortly, I am sure they will be very helpful