Consesus in prediction market

I‘m Henning. I started the ethereum smart contract courses in the acadamy some months ago. I was really fascinated.
So for me the best way to learn something new is using the knowledge for a real project. That’s why I started writing a smart contract for bets using the ERC1155 conditional token.
As you can see in the small codesnippet I used the request -> approve method form the multisig wallet project also for finding a consesus if the outcome of the bet is correct. I wonder if somebody has a better way to do this?
For the sport bets I use an oracle with chainlink to set the result but for a simple bet between a couple of people there is maybe no neutral outside oracle.
I also did a very basic mobile interface with flutter where one can interact with the smart contract.

image image image image image
So if anyone has some cool ideas about what to implement and is interested in coding this little project together with me you are very welcome
You can find the code for the smart contract with this link.

Have a nice weekend