Console.log exercises

Hi, I am struggling with exercise No. 8 - print with text formatting

when i follow the solution, console will not give me back values but only literally ${length} and ${width} in text.
Here are all 3 inserted lines:

var length = 10.101;
var width = 3.843;
console.log(‘the rectangle is ${length} cm long and ${width} cm wide’);

and result i got:

the rectangle is ${length} cm long and ${width} cm wide

what am I not understanding? ( iam completely new to programming:)

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Hi mate !
I just finish this one, actually i struggle a lot because characters seem to be the same but in fact they are not ( i struggled during 2 hours to make a “go to the line” command because i used “/” instead of “”
I copy you the way that worked for me, but i am too noob to explain you exactly why, maybe those " ’ " characters were not the same we both used for coding, i copied them from a code line on the following link

I hope i helped you :slight_smile:

My answer :
var length = “10.101”
var width = “3.843”
console.log(the rectangle is ${length} cm long and ${width} cm wide)


yeah, change of those ’ for ` helped!
dont even know how to name them:)