Craig Wright/BSV

So I know this is a sensitive topic, but as a new person to the space I have no idea what to believe when it comes to BSV. I watched the live stream today and someone asked a question about Craig Wright. I did a bit of research to find out who he is and in my honest opinion I do not know what to believe.

On one side he sounds very credible, sounds like he knows what he’s doing, and makes sense fundamentally from a financial standpoint; however, the amount of attention he has gained from claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto makes me question a lot of things. From his court case dates, and the evidence of not Abiding by court law, makes me believe that he has something up his sleeve and I cannot fully trust him.

For a guy who claims to The creator of a trustless tranparent immutable system, I find his actions, untrustworthy, nontransparent and susceptible to outside forces.

Am I overthinking? @ivan @filip @thecil @Fabrice

What are your experiences and thoughts?

You’re overthinking.

It doesn’t matter who Satoshi is.
Pretty sure the Satoshi wallet has had zero activity.

Also, Craig Wright is full of nonsense.
He actually BRAGS about blockchain copyrights.

Well, that shows to me a fundamental lack of understanding of the primary power of Bitcoin.

Anyone who tries to copyright Bitcoin is not to be trusted, imo, whether he is Satoshi or not.


Look at the white paper and compare to Craig Wright’s commas in Tweets. I cannot stress this enough :rofl:

Not saying he couldn’t have been involved in the white paper, but who believes in decentralization that much and then uses traditional government branches to sue the pants off of everything in his radar after. Obviously not proof of anything, but questionable at best.


HAHAHAHA, i thought the same thing, like this really doesn’t add up. I will read the white paper and compare, thanks. :slight_smile:


I understand you. Thanks for the clarity. :slight_smile: