CRO vs. MCO Token

Hey Guys,

Ivan is always recommending the CRO Token. I would like to know the difference between the two tokens or at least why CRO is better than MCO, since the latter is more important for the credit card rewards.


As far as I can tell for rewards, you need both and the concept of one being better than the other is a little misleading.

You need to buy MCO so you can stake it and benefit from credit card rewards but also earn rewards.

Once you have bought MCO, you can lock up your CRO in earn and receive up to 18% p.a. interest depending on how much MCO you stake.

As tokens on their own, I would say that MCO seems to be more stable whilst CRO is more volatile and therefore you have to opportunity to not only make capital gains but also earn interest on top through earn.

Curious to know what others think though, I’m no expert, this is just how I interpret the options available in

Has anyone received the card except Ivan? :joy:

I’m experimenting with different “consumer” options and for me, has the most consumer friendly app on the market at the moment. When I receive the card I might get rid of online banking providers as well.

Some advantages:

  • simple and clean design of the app
  • super easy to use staking inside the app
  • variety of cards with different staking options (50MCO, 500MCO, 5000 MCO, 50000MCO)
  • The app is kept clean (no adds, pop-ups etc)
  • netflix, spotify, prime reimbursement… even expedia and airbnb for the top tier cards and all kinds of perks (airport lounge, cashback, etc)
  • fast deposits, no huge delays
  • it’s a worry-free option as it seems, they have even inheritage and succession support and stuff like that
  • they actually have a referral option which is not embarrassing to offer to a friend. (both of parties get equal rewards)

As for the disadvantages that I’ve seen so far:

  • MCO / CRO staking confusion for newbs (MCO for the card and app, CRO for the reduction of fees on their exchange)
  • Customer support, they don’t reply back.
  • Many altcoins are visible on the scanner but they cannot be bought.
  • Some altcoins still cannot be staked, although staking on other platforms is possible already

Are there some hidden costs involved that I don’t know about?
What are your thoughts about their app and cards?

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Welcome to the forum, you’re already kicking ass with an informative post! :clap: :fire:

I haven’t used or got the card though.

You should check out Plutus, it’s similar, they offer a card but it’s built on a DEX:

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I did have a question about this. Is the idea to load fiat onto the card and spend that? Or is the function also to convert crypto and then spend that?

If you are converting crypto to top up the card, that would mean there could be tax implications every time you do that. So for every purchase - the hidden cost would be however your country taxes the gains that you had on the crypto that you converted into fiat to top up your card.

Or am I missing something? Perhaps the only use is to top up with fiat? Either way I am getting one to get rewards on my spending…but I wouldn’t be topping up with crypto if that is part of the use case.