Crypto tipping - Marketing/Education opportunity?

Hello everyone. I was curious does anyone in this space tip crypto? If you do how to you do it?

I think tipping is kind, a good marketing/education opportunity and will help solve the societal problem of making sure people without access to technology don’t get left behind. I know some people use open dime but you would be paying for the device on top of the tip, so that can add up. Also someone mentioned that they didn’t like the idea that it was a USB stick in regards to viruses etc. (

Recently I went to a museum and they had a cool machine that would take a quarter and press it into a commerative coin. Of course I rarely carry fiat even coins and so I couldn’t “afford” one without a digital option which was surreal for me, lol. Anyway, this type of coin would be super cool to give to people if the problem of how to register it to a crypto wallet could be solved.

Another cool option is this keychain idea ( - (please note I have never used this company I am unable to endorse them at this time) but of course we are back to the initial cost ($15) issue.

The fastest way to disrupt an industry is to provide people what they are used to using but layer the new concept on top. Then once they get used to the layered concept you strip the initial layer away without people losing the familiarity and comfort with the product. Give this away for free and then let’s talk about adoption. We really need something like this in the crypto space.


One step at a time, some good points and ideas, maybe we will see some technology in which answers your questions in due time?


I agree we need something like this. Tipping and micropayments have been tried so many times and failed to achieve mass adoption. It can happen with crypto but I think the market adoption rate necessary to really see it take off is still a year or two away. But that means it would be a good time to get started.

What do you propose for the best method / lowest friction way to get tipping adopted on a wider scale?


@bradyswenson my gut is telling me that the solution has to be a guerrilla business tactic steeped in chaos theory packaged as a simple, elegant solution. I have been thinking about this and I have some ideas. I will respond at some point to this post when I have something decent to share.


Well, not t to come across in an in appropriate manner, but, UFC fighter Stephan Bonner and associates have launched a bitcoin strip club. I forget exactly where this was in the states, one of their biggest ideas for tipping and micropayments was using QR codes in a sense as fake tattoos.

Even the die hard bitcoin fans using QR codes as permanent tattoos may be a little extreme, BUT using these QR codes on a practical level within the public’s eye, rather than opening up your phone every time, may be one of many solutions.

Chlerix, not innapropriate lol, if I worked in a strip club that accepted bitcoin I would totally get one of these!

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Where’s that famous club? Maybe I could work there to get some bitcoins :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Haha!

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He is a guest speaker in the Bitcoin podcast, not too long ago, and he speaks alot of their ideas of methods for payment.