David Spencer CPA pleasure to be here!

My name is David! My wife Veronica and I live in Florida,USA and I am a CPA. I developed the US Cryto Taxation Course for Ivan. It has been a pleasure working with Ivan and his team! Excited to join the forum and learn from this awesome community!


Hello and Welcome Mr. Spencer. As an aspiring CPA from New York, I am eager to learn from the crypto tax course. Thank you ahead of time for your expertise and knowledge ! P.s I look up to you and hope to be a blockchain Accountant as well!

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Hello and it is always a pleasure to meet another accountant. Keep at it my friend it is worth the hard work! Feel free to reach out and connect. Listen to Ivan go full time crypto.

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Hello and Welcome David,

My name is David and I am also from FL. I am a software developer. Looking forward to your course.

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Thank you. Of course we will need to know your rates, and what services you can provide those of us living in other states? Much thanks,

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Hello Lisa. I provide service to clients all over the world. It is my pleasure to help no matter what state you are in. Some people do prefer to have their tax professional local, but in this covid world most clients appreciate our 100% virtual and secure Tax prep and business consulting services. If you have a CPA you work with you can have them reach out and I would be happy to have a conversation with them. My rate is $300/hr. Total cost depends on the complexity of the situation. Thank you for the question.

Thanks, David. I have always worked with my CPA remotely, but are you able to file state taxes as well?

I know each state has its own tax racket, err… bracket. :slight_smile: I live in the People’s Republic of California.

Or do you prefer we have a CPA to do our local State taxes and then you fill in with the crypto/IRS?

Also do you handle taxes for US Citizens living outside the US?

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Hello Lisa. I am full service. I can absolutely help with your California tax filing. I love your sense of humor. The tax in california is crazy…lol. If you have a CPA you want to keep, have them reach out and we can chat. But I am more than happy to help with all your filings.
Yes, I do assist Expats with their filings as well! Thank you for the questions. You can make an appointment to chat using my calendly if you like. I am also happy to answer here.

Welcome David glade to have you aboard the Ivan train. The team is awesome and I am leaning a lot in my adventure to go full time cryto. I have been aboard this ship for about 8 months now and have completed about 5 courses including Java script , C++ , and now Java.

Again welcome aboard the Ivan train.

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Thank you for the welcoming words!

I was a little bit disappointed in the class because I guess I was expecting info on how to go about legally shelterting taxes instead of how to fill out forms. Nevertheless, it was informative and I did not realize a professional crypto cpa would be speaking. Since I don’t believe in doing my own brain surgery, or doing my own taxes as both are best left to professionals, I set up a private meeting. But if you want to share here any place where people can go to find info on crypto tax shelters, and also can you let us know if our gains are reported at the time they happen or in the following tax year, that would be super helpful. Thank You,

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Looking forward to speaking with you Lisa. There are advanced strategies for tax minimization we can discuss privately.

Hey David,

I haven’t taken your course yet, but I’m sure gunning for it! I returned to college, in aspirations to be a CFP, but since I’ve taken crypto as a calling as well, I decided to get double dangerous with the academy. :grin:

My partner and I have been wanting to move to Florida for a couple years now. (the DMV area is just too neurotic for our comfort!) What’s the climate like for financial professionals? If you had one piece of advise for someone starting off, what would it be?

Here’s to meeting you on the other side one day,

Andy Garcia

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Thanks for the welcome. It’s a good market finance professionals. Emphasis on professional. Best advice, focus on quality. Quality clients appreciate quality advice.