Decentralized energy Ecosystem

Hi guys. I decided to start throwing ideas out there and see what comes back.

Am I on to something or is this old news?

When you say tokens mined. Are you meaning Proof of Work model from compute or are you meaning a unit of energy available? Also stored energy does get lost at a given rate dependent on the storage mechanism and a loss on delivery also.

I have not looked at the several energy tokens much. But I would start there and compare your ideas to their white papers. One of the things you could look at is buying energy during low price and selling during the high cycles. Season price, day/night costs hours of the day, also type of energy. In some green computing centers we would switch between line power to natural gas generators, and cooling between outside air, chillers, building water and air-conditioning. The other piece you could do is track percentage of energy sources. On grid power it is a mix of sources.

When I say Mined, I mean, created, and at the same time burnt from the other side when the user pays for the energy. Difference in burnt and minted can be generally decreased for early adopting power plants, so that the supply can become limited perhaps. You get coins when the electricity you generate is being used . This way there will not be a bunch of power plants mining electricity where there is no demand for it.

The problem is the infrastructure. At the moment people are able to put electricity in to the grid but not so easy to be paid for it. a WHOLE NEW ENERGY GRID might need to be built, enless we can use the current one without the government wanting to be paid for it