Decentralizing green energy production, distribution and consumption

What do you think of PYLNT project? They are working hard on decentralizing the green energy production, distribution, and consumption by creating a green energy platform that runs with renovable electricity. White paper 2.0 and paper token will be released on Monday 4 february, mainnet on their own blockchain comming soon too… I did not found any other project working on the energy field with more interesting than this one, they are already running testnet on different electrical cooperatives. Could you have a look at this very interesting project and send a feed back please?

I like all renewable energy projects, any project that tries to rebuild a more sustainable world, such as PowerLedger or WePower… but if we compare the level of development, technology, work and actual use of each one of the crypto projects that exist and they trying lead the green energy revolution, I realize that Pylon Network (PYLNT) is the one, and who knows why has a very low marketcap… this guys have achieved already great things and have already begun to work “in test mode” with energy cooperatives that have several thousand users. I would say that Pylon is clearly ahead in terms of technological capabilities (demonstrated), the other projects have not been able to address the scalability challenges or any other common issues (energy consumption, governance). On the other hand, Pylon is also about to take its own blockchain to be able to create the First fully functional Open Source blockchain algorithm - designed specifically for the energy sector needs … very impressive in my opinion … considering that the project started with little funding, but even then, they reached difficult challenges in the world of sustainable energies. They also designed, built and tuned
on testing phase in the same cooperative, a very interesting machinery with top hardware and software. METRON is the smart energy meter developed by Pylon Network, which gives you access to the Pylon Network data-layer. Integrates its own digital payment method which allows you to trace/know the origin of your energy. Incredible!
They have used all their resources and have worked hard to achieve this, and I believe that their only problem has been the lack of resources for advertising and marketing. Thats why they did not got much popularity yet…
I give them a TOP score! I really like the project and I hope the best future for them.
It’s just my opinion! I believe in what my heart tells me, and I also believe on making real our dreams for a better future on this planet… and researching about this project made my heart feel good.
have a good one! good night!