DeFi project idea sharing

Hey, I had an idea for a DeFi website / service that I think is pretty awesome and I dont plan to execute it myself in the near future so I thought I would share it and also start this thread in case other people wanted to share DeFi ideas that they dont plan on doing themselves so that other people in the community can consider doing them.

OK, so the idea is a website that can somehow show you ALL of your assets (for the connected wallet) even if the asset is currently locked into some DeFi protocol that hides it from the standard wallet view.

Then the next level would be to provide a GUI that allows you to manage all those various assets from the one website.

If this already exists, let me know what website! If not, please comment if you think it is a good idea, or practical limitations etc.

One of my fears is that if you go and do many things in the DeFi space, it is likely you forget some of the assets you have parked somewhere if you cant see them easily.