Do we need to know backend?

Hello I have basics knowledge in Javascript and C, but I know nothing about backend and node.js. I find the course difficult, in the Unit Testing category, the “asserts” and everything related to node makes de class difficult for me to follow. So I wonder, do I have to train in backend? What do we need to know in order to become a smart contract developper besides Solidity?

Hey @Yogalholic,

It is important to be able to write unit testing for your smart contracts, especially when you will write long and complex protocols which have to be tested deeply.
Your Javascript knowledge will surely help, please take your time and watch a video multiple times if necessary.
For any question or doubt, we are help to help :slight_smile:

Happy learning,

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Thanks but my question is: maybe I should pause the course for a moment, train myself in backend and be back to the class stronger?

Hey @Yogalholic

Unit testing is not backend, if you feel like you should take a break and go deep into the basics you can surely do it although I think that, starting with the easy People.sol project and testing that one is the best training that you can get :slight_smile:

Again we are here to help so feel free to ping us if you have questons.


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