"Dry bag needs liquidity" Guts, FOMO, confidence & trading

Hi everyone,

I’m quite New in the Space and making my knowledge between good advices & my very foolish errors.

I started with 1ETH my father gave me (at 700/800€) and when i Saw it’s value almost double i quickly bought 700€ of a mix (bitcoin/eth/cardano/dot).
In 3 days i went from 1700€ to 3000€ thanks to margin trades (1 to 2 eth and added some bitcoin).

At the bitcoin/eth pullback i knew by looking at the chart that we were on a Peak (40k$/1400$) and wanted to short the market (wich would have made me Big money) but my father convinced me in closing that trade and longing.
To Bad for me i forgot the TP/SL and woke up with 400/500€ bitcoin liquidated and Lost 0,7 eth.
I had 1000€ or more i didn’t use at all to trade at first.
Down to 1700€ again i tried to make my self back with tradingview and the trend but I clearly don’t have the same confidence and Logic in Reading the charts After that.
Trying to daytrade but only fomoing and Panic selling everywere i Lost an other 0.5 eth.

To be brief, i Lost even more than i had at the start and took a serious hit at this start money.
This seriously hit my Logic and confidence like a football player that got injured badly.
I took lots of notes and learned a lot because of that but I just feel the confidence IS gone and i keep making the wrong decisions or not acting when the evidence shows i Can win a lot.

Do anyone have some advice to get back on the good road?
I can’t really afford marketcypher or things like that for now but I am taking Ivan’s courses to understand everything a bit more.

Thanks for Reading and for the advices you Can give.

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