Fake news business idea

Hi all,
I have an idea around confirming information. Maybe it’s from the news, or it’s an answer about someone’s hobby or even just to win an argument or dispute. My idea is to have people from all over the world to join the network and provide personal information, such as location, qualification, area of expertise and potentially much more. I’m not going into too much information on how this works but when a question is raised then the people in the network will be contacted and asked the question where they will submit an anonymous answer. This is broken down into the top x answers and presented. The people selected will have some kind of connection to the question posed i.e. if the question is based on sports Psychology then ad the question. This is a very brief outline but was wondering if anyone knows of anything like this existing? Dr in that field, sports writer, ex manager will be aske

So something along the lines of an “idea meritocracy” as Ray Dalio tries to use in bridgewater associates? It’s an interesting idea! I’m assuming there would be a way to weight people’s answers based on their qualifications and then you aggregate their answers to come up with the most likely true answer?

I don’t know of anywhere (other than bridgewater) where something like this is done, and getting it off the ground would be the hard part, as you would need massive network effects to make it useful, but no reason it couldn’t be done

Thanks for your response. Not sure it’s the same as the idea meritocracy as that seems to be more geared towards work or smaller environments. An obvious example would be all the different news around how Covid19; especially around how it’s transferred from person to person and some people were saying it’s a virus or it’s not a virus. If it’s a virus it has these properties and therefore can’t or can do x, blah blah! In this example, people with the correct background i.e. doctors and nurses would be selected to answer the question. Yes, some sort of weighted or and algorithm that recognises the most commonly used words sentences that come back and concatenates in some way!! When I think about it, this would come to life in 10/15 years time when everyone and everything is digital; maybe people opt into the service via government/national portals!!?