FEB is Altcoin month but what now ?🧐

Hello Alt watchers
So it’s been a great month for Alts so I bagged a selection. Now I know it’s not fully Alt season yet but it has got me thinking. Do I HODL these young Alts or sell before the season closes? I don’t have any historical reference to look upon to see how they would perform if held.

Very interested in your thoughts :face_with_monocle:

Would you stick or ditch?

Have a strategy and stick with it. Did you purchase ALTs to make a quick buck then flip them or were they coins/tokens you researched and felt had longer term viability? Possible to flip a percentage and keep some for future growth/gains as well?
Anyway without knowing the exact ALTs too tough to provide serious advise. Hope you profit whatever you decide.

Hi thanks for reply. I bought them with growth in mind however happy to take profit in swings and open new positions with same security using that profit.