Free air drops - tips and ester eggs

I would love to get some free coins, any tips from knowledgeable veterans?

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Create your own erc20 token you can have all the free coins you want in the world… they just might not be worth anything :neutral_face:

Knowledge has value, theres lots of knowledge in the courses Ivan and the team provide.

From what I understand airdrops are not common anymore. If they happen at all it’s usually a promotional event for a brand new coin. The best way to get “air drops” is to start staking your favorite Proof of Stake coins :wink:

In-line with what Mayjer suggested, you can also deposit BTC in interest-bearing accounts with institutions such as You can choose to get your monthly interest paid out in BTC, ETH, LTC, GUSD, or USDC.

Might as well put your crypto to work while you HODL :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much @FaierPlay , super helpful!

My pleasure @Falkon!

If you take the DeFi course that the Academy offers, you’ll learn about how Decentralized staking and borrowing works. Highly recommended if you want to hear about other options for interest-bearing opportunities (particularly for ETH).