Ganache Doesn´t update the new message (truffle)

Hello community ,@fillip, i am in the lesson 4 ( truffle introduction) and i was trying many times to follow the video and in the minuto (3.20) when we set a new message in my power shell the massage is correct (holamundo) but never updated in ganache , i hope someone can help me to see what´s wrong here ,thanks in advance

Hey @ElyRamos

Let’s find the transaction where you set a new message directly in Ganache.
By checking your screenshot above I see that it was mined in block 12.

  • Open Ganache;

  • Click on blocks;

  • Click on block 12 (if you restarted Ganache it might not be block 12, just check the tx logs and find it out).

  • Click now on the tx hash as per screenshot below:

You should now see your message:

Happy coding,

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thanks for the answer , but i had to update the ganache program and do the process again now it works , not sure if it was because of the update 2.5.4 version but now it is working .


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Happy to read that it works now.
If you need help let me know :slight_smile: