GREAT course & lots to do now!

First of all: this course was amazing! It does take a LOT of experience and work to synthesize such a huge amount of information and complex systems into presentations that makes things totally clear…

Now I’ve got tons of open tabs from all the links, running through them all & trying a lot of these platforms out :slight_smile:

Its like going to sleep one night, and then the next morning someone has built a freaking JUNGLE next to your house, complete with all types of wonderful beasts!

This sector will clearly be super-important, not least when it comes to being a counter-weight to the insane and total control that is imposted now - the jungle will in some ways outpace even the most energetic bureaucrat or bankster :wink:

Another thing is placement of funds. I’ve got some 100% legal and documented cash left to get OUT of the banking system, part of this I’ll now place in this sector.

Ideally finding 10-15 platforms/apps and then investing in different stablecoins so that it forms a matrix will do away with a lot of SPOFS, and if one fails completely then the loss will be offset by the return of the others.

Hope to get into this sector also in terms of work at some point, just need to push on with the academy!

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