HELP - Sent ETH on BSC from Metamask to Coinbasewallet, tokens lost!

Hi, I just sent ETH from my Metamask (on BSC) to my coinbase wallet by mistake and obviously it didnt arrive…

I’ve tried to find a way of getting the funds back, but as Coinbase wallet doesnt support BSC, I cant find a way to do this.

Can anyone help please? A friend told me to ask @amadeobrands?

Thanks in advance,

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If the transaction did not revert by itself, I am afraid your funds might be lost.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m waiting on Coinbase support to confirm this, but if I had sent to a wallet that supported BSC I could reverse it in token form right, but as Coinbase wallet doesn’t do this, are the funds likely lost?

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I am sorry to say but that would be my guess…
Did you read this Post?
I know that this is not directly connected to your case, but maybe it is helpful.