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  1. It runs on a math protocol that can’t be hacked. Everyone is using the same infrastructure to build their applications on and everyone can check it.
    Once a transaction happens on the network, it stays there forever and can’t be taken off.

  2. Because there is a potential of corruption, data can be hacked, manipulated and sold to the third parties.

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  1. A decentralized network is creating a network based on absolute trust. This accomplished by putting the trust of the network into math and protocol and not any individual party.
  2. If a central authority is needed to trust the security of a network, it would be difficult to spot mistrust or misuse from that central authority, rather it be accidental or malicious, because it is required to trust them.
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  1. A decentralized network is more secure because it is based on the trust of maths and protocols as opposed to a centralized network which is based on the trust of the organisation or business.
  2. It is dangerous to trust a central authority for security because they could change/remove data without any independent governance.
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  1. It prevents hackers from penetrating the system because there are too many others in the network. The system itself creates the security.
  2. In a centralized system, there is one route of attack and once penetrated, the stored information is subject to theft etc.
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1 because everyone can fight the hacker the system becomes imuun
2 because the central authority lacks sometimes proper controle

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Homework on Security & Immutability - Questions

  1. How does a decentralized network increase security?

It almost impossible (and I say this because, only in movies it appears to be possible) to attack a mathematical algorithm protocol of a blockchain network of several thousand nodes in a simultaneous way,… with synchronicity in to the rest of the world in a global scale, since blockchain data is hash into multiple networks that are part of the global network. Blockchain cannot be edited or modified due to its immutable mathematical design and restrictions requires lots of more gas to spread and corrupt simultaneous so many nodes. The interoperability of the system will block it.

  1. Why is it dangerous to trust a central authority for security?

Central authority can be corrupted because of the human nature of conflict of interest by Cybercriminals, these individual opt to attack centralized authority because it is simple for them, get it through the gate ways of WiFi,… public networks, phishing ignorant naïve victims of vital information like seed phrases passwords and more, and can be lurking for ways to intercept cookies, they are always looking for new ways to access people’s data, Cyber hackers can be at the gateway of these central authority to get vital information to steal their assets or tokens.

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