Homework on Provenance - Questions

  1. Blockchain enables digital provenance by its immutability. Since every link in the blockchain references the previous object by its hash, should anything be changed in a previous block the whole chain would be incoherent.

  2. A normal database generally only stores data in one state on an index. While logging can be added to allow trace-ability it has to be designed in to a system either from the outset and can become quite complex while with blockchain it is intrinsic to how it worked.

  3. I have worked for many companies for whom blockchain would have been and ideal candidate for some projects (and I really wish I’d known about it back then). You can show an immutable chain of events leading to the current data set with certainty. This is particularly important in industries with high level of regulation. When being audited if you have a reliable data chain, which verifies itself, that removes a lot of headaches.

  1. The blockchain allows us to track each transaction and follow it back to it’s source. This is possible because the data base is decentralised and cannot be changed. Once a transaction is made it cannot be changed. All transactions are open source.

2 In theory a normal data base can be tampered with as it is centralised, it has an individual or company in charge (closed source) and therefore it can be subject to manipulation and corruption.

  1. Digital Provenance is of extreme value to businesses as it can verify claims of origin, authenticity and production. Consequently, it can help individuals with their purchasing choices.
  • How does blockchain enable digital provenance?

Blockchain allows digital provenance by keeping an open ledger of immutable data. This is verified by the whole network to provide factual digital provenance.

  • Why doesn’t a normal database bring the same provenance?

Traditional databases can easily be copied / edited / data erased by user command where Blockchain does not allow data to be changed in any way without alerting the entire network.

  • Why is digital provenance such a great benefit to many businesses?

The ability to not have to rely on traditional ‘Trusting’ relationships can allow businesses to use the network to verify business claims of other companies etc, therefor allowing accurate traceability in real time.

  1. By allowing keeping an immutable data verifiable by the whole network;
  2. Because it could be changed without leaving a trace, what can not be done with Blockchain whithout allerting the whole community of users who would see the sequence inconsistent after the changing;
  3. Because it can give trust whithout control with it being able for “simple” users.
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1- by making it decentralized and trustless, and by recording and storing every piece of information on the blockchain. and making that info public and accessible. and irreversible in which the data can not be changed.

2- because a normal database is centralized and controlled by a single party, which means that it can be manipulated and changed. unlike the blockchain which is decentralized.

3- because it brings costumer satisfaction in which costumers can verify the the source of the items and verify that the information that they are given about the products are correct.

  1. Blockchain enables digital provenance by being a public decentralized distributed immutable ledger and by removing trust between two entities (e.g. manufacturer VS supplier)

  2. A normal database wouldn’t be able to provide the same provenance cause at first it’s centralized and owned by an entity that fully controls it. As a result, this entity will be able to tamper or modify any of the data that are inserted in the database.

  3. A digital provenance provide great benefit to many businesses. On the one hand they are able to track their products and remove the layer of trust between the supply chains. On the other hand they provide transparency to their customers without trying to convince them to trust them.

  1. For example: scanning the QR code on a certain product, you can trace the information about it, see where it came from, who made it etc. which makes it trustless.
  2. Because nobody can change the data and it’s accessable for everyone.
  3. It stops making fake products and copies or modifications.
  1. How does blockchain enable digital provenance?

Once a transaction is written in the Blockchain it cannot be changed, ever! And It can be open to the public, so everyone can see what transaction went were.

  1. Why doesn’t a normal database bring the same provenance?

Because you can change things later (not hard to do even).

  1. Why is digital provenance such a great benefit to many businesses?

A blockchain can be used ex. To proove the heritage of a product, fully trackable and, if needed, open for everyone to check and see for yourself. (Blockchain wil have a huuuuge benifit in the postal and parcel services)

1- by recording every thing and making it unchangeable and . and by making it decentralized so that no central authority can change or manipulate the data. and not needing to trust the company in which you can verify for yourself that the source of the info that you’re given is correct. and last by making it public in which anyone can easily track it on the blockchain.

2- because a normal database is centralized meaning there’s a central authority that can change and manipulate the data. and because there’s a lot of trust involved.

3- because it brings customer satisfaction, in which the customer can verify that the information they’re given about the product is correct.

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1)Blockchain makes the ledger open to the public and accessible for everyone to see. You can only add data and not remove it.
2)Normal data is centralized and closed to the public. This can cause uncertainty about the product that you buy.
3)This is a great benefit because it can allow real time auditing and verify transactions.

  1. By using a verified distributed ledger to verify transactions. The blockchain uses cryptography to solve mathematical algorithms.

  2. A normal database is not a distributed ledger,is not verified and does not use cryptography.

  3. It enables a verified, digital record of transactions and eliminates the need for an external human verification.

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  1. How does blockchain enable digital provenance?
    Blockchain enables it because it is immutable and open. So u can see every transaction on it.

  2. Why doesn’t a normal database bring the same provenance?
    The information is not open and is centralised. So transaction or info cannot be verified

  3. Why is digital provenance such a great benefit to many businesses?
    Because the businesses do not need to trust the suppliers, but insted can be traced back by veryfying the record on blockchain. An extra layer can be added on top to auomate the processes.

  1. How does blockchain enable digital provenance?
    Because you can store certain signatures on the blockchain, you could track the supply chain the product followed to the point where it is in your posession. Given that the blockchain is not “manipulated” by a central authority you can track every step because in a trustless blockchain it is impossible to change data that is stored in it.

  2. Why doesn’t a normal database bring the same provenance?
    It is very easy to change the information that is inside the database.

  3. Why is digital provenance such a great benefit to many businesses?
    It allows for a realtime audit and also a trustless relation with their clients

  1. Blockchain enables digital provenance because the data stored in blockchains cannot be modified, erased or tampered with.

  2. A normal database has a central system which is subject to manipulation, compromise and data being lost because of its failure.

  3. Digital provenance is a great benefit to businesses because of the fact that transactions can be verified and accounted for and it is no longer a thing of trust.

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  1. Every data on the blockchain stays forever. It can´t be erased, manipulated or anything else.

  2. A normal database is mostly centralized. So you have to trust a third party. It´s not possible to see the data whenever you want. Also this data can be modified and than YOU have to prove it, that it was looking different before. And if the database got hacked or destroyed, it would be difficult get back.

  3. If a business can prove at every time, that it´s true what they are saying/doing - they are more trustworthy than others. They could prove, where their products are coming from, for example, that they are working environment friendly,etc.

  1. How does blockchain enable digital provenance?
  • Blockchain consists of a network of computers that allows to track any transaction. It’s a public ledger.
  1. Why doesn’t a normal database bring the same provenance?
  • Normal database is not secure because on the blockchain you can only add data, not remove. Information can not be modified. It’s like a “digital stone”.
  1. Why is digital provenance such a great benefit to many businesses?
  • Digital provenance can bring accounting and transaction together. We don’t have to trust suppliers, banks or people to verify information about account, origin, location, etc. Real time auditing at anytime, free of charge!
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  1. Blockchain enables digital provenance by making the data accessible to every computer on the network, no one can change the data, and once in the blockchain, it is there forever making it secure and trustless.

  2. Well, a normal database is centralized, there’s an authority that runs that database, that authority can change and/or take out any data desired. Blockchain is decentralized.

  3. The digital provenance that blockchain brings is one of it’s best uses. Businesses can use this by being able to have the accounting ledger and their transaction ledger in one big ledger(blockchain) making it easy to track their invoices, for example.
    So let’s say you wanna buy products for your business(supermarket for example) using the blockchain you can track the exact location from which each product is coming from and the exact date and time. And because it is trustless you don’t have to “trust” per se, but you can verify anything on the blockchain.

  1. Because it cant be rewritted, so you can trace all the transactions and take a snapshot at any time.

  2. Because it cant be rewritted, so you cant trust 100% in that information.

  3. Because improve the efficency of auditing things, you can make it public and automatic. Its great for check spend of resources of a given budget.

  1. How does blockchain enable digital provenance?
    Digital provenance is established on blockchain by recording data inputs in decentralised database, that is immutable and retaining a chain of records all the transactions relating to that asset from cradle to grave.
  2. Why doesn’t a normal database bring the same provenance? A normal database is usually centralised and the inputs may be censored or changed at the will of the controlling entity.
  3. Why is digital provenance such a great benefit to many businesses? the benefit of Digital Provenance to many business is that it creates a certainty in information and traceability of data on one database.
  1. Blockchain enables digital provenance by preventing the possibility to change the data on the chain.
  2. Normal data is stored on servers that are controlled by an entity. the entity can change the data at will.
  3. The blockchain unable a costumer to reach a state of “perfect trust” . in the blockchain the costumer can always verify instead of just trust.
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