How many hours is Ivan's course?

I just started the course and so far I LOVE it! I am starting from zero, I have no programming experience but my goal is to be a blockchain programmer. How long does it take to complete this course? I’m on furlough from my job for 4 more weeks so I can spend 10+ hours a day learning. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello miss, glad to know that you are loving our courses! Which course are you exactly talking about? courses take around 10 to 30 hours for lessons and resources to read, I’m not counting the time you have to spend in the forum for your homeworks nor the time you could spend solving a homework (some programming exercises could take you more than 2 hours).

Hope you find this useful.
If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.


Thanks for your reply! I’m talking about all the classes really. I want to learn as much as possible :smile:


love the beginner mindset marymel! I just joined yesterday and am also a newbie too! my massage/wellness business was mandated to close for 3.5 months due to coivd-19 and during that time I got really into blockchain and decided to carve a new path. great to see you here…see you on the forum!


@Minden We are totally on the same wavelength! I have lofty goals :smile:


indeed we are on the same page! better to have lofty goals than small ones! also, important to take control where you can! :money_mouth_face: :muscle:t5:


Hi, I am very new to the platform also and my study plan say,s i should begin with Crpto 101 or something like that. I do not have any prior knowledge of programming, because of this i went to start with JavaScript. My question is do you start with blockchain, and if yes, do you have programming knowledge prior to this?

Hello sir, welcome to the Ivan On Tech Academy and Forum, If you want to start development from scratch the Javascript Programming for Blockchain Developers should be the first step.

After finish it, you can choose to go into Ethereum courses or take C++ Programming for Blockchain Developers, so you have a better picture and skills for any other programming course.






You always should start learning the fundamentals or basics on blockchain, before jumping into programming, all our courses does not require previous programming knowledge, we will teach you from scratch the basics so you can start building your own ideas right away.

Hope you find this useful. :slight_smile:

If you have any doubt, please let us know so we can help you!

Carlos Z.