How to access course outside of annual fee/monthly subscription?


I am an early academy supporter and have purchased every academy course during the presale stage. I would like to enroll in the latest Ethereum Game Programming course but don’t think its fair that I have to pay the same cost as someone receiving all 4 courses in the bundle for $150. Is their not an option to purchase this as a single course at a more reasonable offering of ~$50 or so for those that already own the prior 3 courses.

Please tell me your earliest supporters aren’t left out!!!


There’s a bundle to own all four courses? Or are you referring to the 1 year membership for 299$?

If I was able to purchase all four for $150, I would have totally done that…

I made an error, I checked and it is 250 for all 4, or 50 bucks a month for all 4. Thing is, I paid $99 x 3 (Some in Bitcoin, some USD) and I just want to pay a little bit more for the newest 4th course. I guess I could just pay the $50 bucks for 1 month but I like owning them, so I can come back to them again. I have a love/hate relationship with subscription models!

My post didn’t age well. If a monthly subscription model helps pay the bills so Ivan can crank out as much quality content as he has been, I’m all in! No complaints here anymore.