Is anyone using

I am new to this…
(but i can code just not done it for a long time…i did 3d graphics etc )

anyone using ?
I am looking at it for a project
i am at
knights-templars.crypto (set up)
drmarkjones.zil (still setting up)

I wanted to set up
but it will not let me

any info welcome

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Hey Robert,

As far as I know, unstoppable has blocked some “names” or brands already, (like cocacola, google, facebook, etc), to avoid speculation in the future.

Do you remember the 90s? Anyone could register any name (eg:,,, etc) in advance before those companies realised the web was the future and they had to pay milions to get these domains.


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Hahahaa!! Oh wow… wonder if there are any good books on this. They must have been some seriously interesting interactions


I am using unstoppable domains, there were a few domains that I purchased that were flagged and they tried preventing me from using, but with a simple process I was able to file a rebuttal to their claim after which they authorized me to use the domains. It was a sort of “if nobody else makes a claim to this stupid name, then it is yours.” situation.

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wht you say is true.
I bought some domains just to explore and see what it does. Also were it leads

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wow that surprises me