Kucoin - an exchange with interesting benefits for its users

Hi all,

I posted this post in Alt-coins, but I thought this might be the better channel to actually post it:

So I found this really interesting new exchange platform, that is basically “just another” exchange, but has some really cool features.

So it is a normal exchange with different coins like LTC, WTC, RPX, etc. You can store all these coins on the exchange, so it is like bittrex for example. Only does this exchange have some really cool features implemented for its users:

50% of the websites gains through the transaction fees will go back to all users in that specific coin - on a daily basis. This means, that you gain a little bit of every coin listed on the wallet every day.

10% of these gains through transaction fees are used to buy back the platforms coin called KCS every quarter and then destroy the coins. until half of all coins are destroyed.

they have a referral program, which gives you rewards every time some one uses your link.

So basically they give 90% of the gains through transactions back to their users.
there is additional little advantages for users who hold KCS coins on their platform, like lower fees etc.
The transaction fee is as low as 0.1%.

And the best: They want to be a DEX (decentralized exchange) at some point int the future.

If you want to sing up, feel free to do so here:

For more information, whitpaper, about the team or the coins they trade, check it out their website:


You should really mention in your post that the sign up link that you have provided is in fact your own personal referral link and not the exchanges generic registration link.

Its best practice to provide both options in your post instead of allowing interested parties to unwittingly aid you in gaining profit from their regsitration.

fair enough. sorry, didn’t see this post earlier.

So here the unreferred link: