Ledger Nano - can I trust this company?

I bought a Ledger Nano on line over a month ago and have still not received it. The tracking numbers they send are useless. They emailed two weeks ago that it has been sent from Brisbane, Australia to my address in New Zealand but still nothing.
On reading their Facebook page I can see that there are many complaints about this company.
What are other people’s experiences with this company? Can I even trust this product?

which online store did you buy from? I would trust the main ledger.com website but be cautious about any other location to ensure no tampering with device. Perhaps extra quarantining measures in place at this time!

The best practice for purchasing a Ledger Nano, is to buy directly from Ledger Nano. There have been multiple incidents of people buying it and repackaging it for sale and then stealing people’s cryptocurrency since they have access also. I would dispute charge on your credit card and just return it.

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The confirmation of purchase came from ledger.com so I would assume I haven’t been scammed by a fake company. But I am wondering if the legit company has now turned rogue given my very bad customer service and also some of the other complaints in their Facebook page.

I would contact the support directly on ledger.com to verify if the order is directly from them or the secondary vendor.


Maybe check to see if Ivan has an affiliate link? I have several Ledger’s and LOVE them!

Josie, the swiss based Ledger.com is 100% legit. The company is not the quickest with sending their items out even for people based in europe I experienced. Have patience and make sure that when the package arrives after a month or so that the plastic wrap around the whole product is intact and ofcourse if it doesnt look opened or resealed. Hope you’ll eventually have a good experience, because I’ve tried almost all hardware wallet types and the nano is by far the best of all of them.

Just my 2 cents,

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Hi Branden, do you have the Ledger Nano S or X? Can you also buy, sell, and stake BTC, Cardano and Vechain as well through the Nano S or X?

Thank you in advance.

Hi jocrypto

Here is a link to the supported coins on the nano s

Nano s

BTC cannot be staked as it Proof of Work. You need coins that are Proof of Stake for staking.


Hi Jo,

I use ledger but I cannot stake inside the nano at this time. A good wallet that allows it’s customers to stake is Exodus (ADA (paid in native token), VeChain (paid in gas).

I don’t know if any place to stake BTC but you can lend it out through defi protocols such as Blockfi.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi Branden, very helpful thank you :), have a great day!