LEND amd AAVE migration?

Hi guys! Anyone know what is going on with LEND token? A have a few in my binance account, I heard that they are migrating to AAVE token, but this is not listed on binance, do you know what I have to do?

TY for your collaboration!

Hello @Lucas_Botello, hope you are great.

About the LEND migration to AAVE token, i dont know if you will be able to change it through binance, right now the only way is through AAVE platform https://app.aave.com/migration-portal

What I think is that Binance will do the migration in the next weeks, probably, im not sure, but is what i think is logic…if they cant let you use the AAVE protocol directly through their platform, they must do the migration manually themselves for all their users.

Meaning: you probably have to wait until binance do the migration for all of their users (could be in this next weeks…idk)

Hope you find this useful.
If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

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Hello Carlos! i’m doing great thank you for ask and hope you are great to!

Ty for you reply, it clear my mind, I hope the same as with elrond does not happen, elron is bleeding since his change in the token, although also all the alts suffered the same, difficult to know if it was a phenomenon due to the change in his token.

Any way thank you again for your reply! and have a good weekend!

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sh*t i also have some LEND tokens … I didnt know they were going to migrate them … do you know the reason behind the migration? what does it means for LEND tokens holders??


In binance they are doing the migration today, during today you have to see the change reflected in your wallet, the rate used is 100 LEND = 1 AAVE, the reason? i don’t know, but it is like that.

Do you hodl it in binance? i understand that you can do the migration manually on the AAVE platform like @thecil said https://app.aave.com/migration-portal

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Here you will find all the answers :nerd_face: https://medium.com/aave/aavenomics-eeab650cccc2

I hold my ERC20 tokens on my ledger, so basically I participated on the manual migration process, quite easy honestly. Now I do not have nothing bad to say about Binance, is a good Centralized Exchange, the thing is, I do feel safe by holding my tokens on my own address that I control, than the idea of Binance own my money, because they own the keys. I still hold some funds on Binance, but just for trading porpuses (not all trading means profit looking for short term buy low, sell high… maybe just accumulate over time, maybe just a capital to buy BTC or ETH when i consider the price is low, DCA also is a good example)

So basically I just stick with: “You keys, your cryptos. Not your keys, not your cryptos”.

Carlos Z.

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Thank you for this!!!

i can’t agree more, i think the same!

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