Metamask connected to ledger safe?

Hey there,
In the Course i heard that you should not stor to much value on the Metamask account. is it also like this when i have my Metamask connected to my ledger? I thought its very safe in thes case.

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Hey @Philipp, hope you are great.

We have a quick guide that explain how to use metamask properly.
I also manage my ledger portfolio through metamask, is quite easy to be honest.
Also for portfolio tracking i suggest to use or

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

I’ve an additional beginner question :blush: I’ve connected my ledger to Metamask. I bought a new ERC20 token over UniSwap which is not supported yet by Ledger Live. I’ve tried with a small amount and can see the token in my ledger address in Metamask and Etherscan. However trying to sell them again at UniSwap gives me an error on the ledger whenever I have Contract Data and Debug Data activated. But sending them to the Metamask wallet works. Probably I’m just doing something wrong. Do you use the ledger with new tokens without problems or do you use it someways around the ledger transaction confirmation?
Sorry it it’s a stupid question :blush:

I think there are no stupid questions. But unfortunately i cant really answer that. i didnt sell anything until now. maybe you could swap it into eth and deposit it to some exchange. I guess there is a better way. good luck

Thank you so much mate.