Nano X malfunction advice

Hi all
I purchased a Nano X a couple of months ago and during a firmware update I experienced a complete lockout from the device and have not been able to access my funds since. While I can still see the funds in the Ledger Live app, I can’t do anything with them.
The company have requested I return the device before they send out a replacement, of course I have my 24 word seed phrase and pin secured, is my cause for concerned justified?
I have asked for the replacement to be sent to me first but they are not prepared to do that.
What would you do?
Thank you as always

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if you have your 24 word passphares backed up, you can just imported into a new ledger and your funds will be show up again. The pin is just a security measure, if you fail 3 times the pin, the device will delete all data.

So, if your ledger have somekind of firmware issue after an update, but you do have your 24 words, you are safe. Just get another ledger and import the same 24 words.

From my own experience:
When i get my ledger 1st time, I backed yo my 24 words, then I deposit 0.05 ETH to my ledger account, when I was able to see my balance in ledger live, I reset my ledger, to test the ‘import seed’ process.
So by that time I just reset my ledger to import the same 24 words again, everything works great.

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.


Is your Ledger in the bootloader loop?

Depending on the issue, try another computer. I have an ETH node that was interfering with my firmware update, and had the unit stuck in a bootloader loop. Before, the Ledger would go into bootloader mode and restart, again and again. It wasn’t until my second computer didn’t do this that I started investigating further.

I have heard of other users running into firmware update issues, so I hope you aren’t one of the ones plagued with that, but this is exactly why you should maintain copies (note the plural!) of your seed phrases. This will ensure that in the event of a device failure, you can always retrieve your funds. I have 2 Ledgers for this reason.


I would be cautious with this since your Nano X holds your public/private key pair and the seed phrase is used to generate this key pair. I have a Nano S and last firmware upgrade I performed it was recommended to move your crypto off the ledger prior to the upgrade…

This is what I would do…

  1. purchase a new Nano X
  2. restore the new Nano X with original seed
  3. move crypto off the restored Ledger to another wallet
  4. generate new seed phrase (pub/pvt key pair)
  5. move crypto to this new ledger key pair
  6. SEND BACK defective Nano X (now that no crypto is associated with old key pair)
  7. save replaced Nano X for future mishaps

Maybe a bit paranoid and frustrating but I would not want to take the chance or entrust that others would safeguard my info in the off chance some tech is able to restore the device.


Thank you Matthew
Would your process work on a Nano S?
I currently have BTC, ETH, LINK and XRP
Do you mean move crypto of the new ledger to another cold, or soft wallet?
I assume the system prompts you to create a new seed phrase?
Where do you view the pub/pvt key pair?

I assumed if the unit malfunctions, you could discard it, and restore the wallet on a new nano using your password and key phrase.


Buy another Hardware Wallet ie Nano S , Nano X or Trezor setup the device with the same SEED phrase. Watch this Video

Thank you Matthew
Would your process work on a Nano S?
Answer) Yes, your recovery seed will work on the Nano S as well
Note the Nano S will only support 4 applications (BTC, ETH, LINK, XRP)
You are covered for the four you have now.

I currently have BTC, ETH, LINK and XRP
Do you mean move crypto of the new ledger to another cold, or soft wallet?
Answer) Yes, once you have access to your crypto, move it to another wallet so you can
reset tha new Nano to Factory defaults. Once defaulted w/new seed recovery phrase
move your crypto to this new “hardware address.”

I assume the system prompts you to create a new seed phrase?
Answer) Yes, any seed phrase that does not match your recovery phrase.

Where do you view the pub/pvt key pair?
Answer) Your public key is the address viewable from the Nano during verification and is equal
to the address used to send crypto to (you should be familir w/this when you transfered
your existing crypto to the hardware wallet)

Answer) Your private key is not viewable (this is the inherent security) there are ways
to view your private key with tools like Mnemonic code converter
I would advise against this since you would be once again putting privatly guarded info into
the public domain. Here is an article regarding extracting keys, but again, I caution


Note: Your crypto does not reside on your hardware wallet, it lives on the blockchain.
Your hardware wallet is only a means to identify your crypto via its key pair
generated with the seed phrase. Once your restore the new device w/your recovery
seed, the damaged device and restored device are now identical. So if you do not
generate a new seed (I.E. new key pair) sending the damaged device before or after
the recovery will be the same.

I hope this is helpful

Thank you for taking the time to respond

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