Please HELP! Console reading assignment CAN ANYONE FROM THE SCHOOL PLEASE HELP?

So “Today’s Date” is supposed to show up as the title of my new tab when I open my html. The tab is still titled “untitled”. What am I doing wrong? I am creating it in Atom, saving, then opening the file into the browser.

i think you need to delete the quotation mark " after width…
you can see all your tags after this in green color…

content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

Thanks! I did that and it still doesn’t work.

The code you’ve written should be working. I can’t see anything wrong with it :thinking:
Did you save the file and refreshed the page?

Yes, I did save the file and refresh the page. Thanks for your reply

Okay it seemed to be some sort of issue with Safari because I downloaded Firefox and it works now. The title is now showing up in the Tab bar in Firefox when I launch the file I created in Atom. It’s strange because it was working fine with Safari on the Harvard Lecture exercises and continues to work on those files. Thanks for your help Dima and Max!!!

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Oh Man I feel dumber by the moment. It wasn’t a Safari issue it was a ME issue. I hadn’t added the .html to the end of the file name.

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Don’t worry we all learn like that. Glad it is solved :slightly_smiling_face:


Keep Calm and drink coffee :coffee: you will always have to double triple check this madness :-}

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Thanks, that was definitely triple checkable. I am having trouble with the rest of the assignment as I feel that we haven’t really been shown how to do this. I found some of my answers in Chapter two(which we haven’t been instructed to read yet at this point) but I’m still stuck. It would be nice if I could just see how it’s done properly instead of trying to guess over and over and over.

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i know what you mean, i feel ya and you are more advanced than me! the funny thing is that sometimes i found youtube videos about all this JS and more, just like the linked videos they posted at the bottom on JS courses, anyways i just found that it can be improved. Nice to meet ya by the way.