Please help me fix this small issue with my coin exchange app

when I compile my coin exchange and load the app I get the class=“coin-row”> under the name column. see image below.

I have check and rechecked my code and watched the video very closely but cannot figure it out. Please help me. Thanks in advance!


Please share your code as a codesandbox or codepen link, otherwise it’s not possible to tell what’s wrong based on a screenshot.

I’d recommend restarting the exercise, doing it on, and sharing the link.


Thanks, Zsolt. I’m doing just that right now. Stay tuned. I might even find the problem after going back through the exercise again. I was damn sure my code was correct and the compiler didn’t indicate any issues. I’ll let you know what I find.

I have no idea what I did but there was some open editors that needed be saved. Once I saved the editors and refreshed the page it corrected itself.

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Very common experience.

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