Private key on Binance

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This might sound like a very stupid question. but I m new to crypto and started the Ivan academy and it talks about private key. I registered with Binance but at no time did I see a “private key”.

where was I suppose to have it or where can I find it?

Think you might be talking about an API key for interacting with your Binance trading account? Otherwise if you mean an actual “private key” that’s the key for your personal wallet. Binance does not issue you with a private key as your funds are on the exchange, not in your own personal wallet.
If you want to setup a wallet which will give you a private key then you need to setup Metamask for ethereum for example, or download one of the bitcoin wallets that give you control of your private key for BTC and so forth for any coin that runs on its own blockchain.

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Hey Seanski,
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ok, that’s what I thought. I just wanted to make sure because on the app, it says wallet in the bottom and then there are the different coins I have.
I am waiting for my ledger nano, meanwhile is it ok if I leave the coins on the bitcoin exchange or shall I store them somewhere else. and what would be in your opinion the most secure wallet. The ledger will be coming in just a few days.

Thanks again!

Hey Shyra, no stress at all :slight_smile:
It’s always best to store your coins off-exchange incase of a hack (think Mt Gox) etc. But if you are actively trading then you need to keep what ever you want to be trading on there. If your ledger is one the way, then I’d just wait for it… Binance is pretty secure and has a good rep.

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You re a star. Thank you and I wish you a lovely day and week end ahead :slight_smile:

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