Problems with EOS Studio

Dear all, dear @filip

I’m using the online version of EOS studio, but it’s giving errors. I have followed all the steps outlined in the EOS Programming 101 course regarding the building and deploying the contract (HelloWorld) but to no avail. Here are the errors:

  1. In the helloworld.wasm file it says
    Error: readWasm failed:
    0000000: error: unable to read uint32_t: magic

  2. helloworld.abi file is empty.

  3. When I nevertheless try to go ahead the build the contract, it given the following error:
    eosio-cpp -abigen -I include -R resource -contract helloworld -o helloworld.wasm src/helloworld.cpp
    Internal Server Error, real status: 500
    Although it still says that the building of contract was successful.

  4. And when I try to deploy it, the following error appears
    Deploy Failed
    Unexpected end of JSON input

I stick to the instructions given in the lecture and also chose EOSIO.CDT version 1.6.2.

In fact, I even tried this online version on two separate computers, one Windows and one Mac, but the same errors persist. Unfortunately, I cannot install the desktop version of EOS Studio because neither of those computers has 8 GB space to accomodate it. So, I’m bound to use the online version.

Could you please help me solve this issue?

Hello sir, check this topic where we already discussed that error with EOStudio, you can find here a lot of information that has been shared with me and other students about this subject!

Basic EOS Programming - Discussion

Carlos Z.