Project foodforest nft

So my goal of following this course is to start my own project, and i have started doing the blockchain for business course, however i find it to complicated which stops my motivation to proceed. My business idea is very simple: Grow foodforests, a foodforest is a manmade forest specially grown to produce food in multiple layers, instead of monoculture where each year one product is grown in one place, that gives the same amount of revenue each year, a food forest grows multiple kinds of food on top of each other and because most trees and bushes dont get destroyed each year, they grow in size and grow more food, which means a higher production per area. Food forests are less labor intensive then mono agriculture and way more productive. Besides planting trees is good for our carbonfootprint split them up in sections and sell these sections as nft’s this way people are able to buy land which produces more revenue each year, its good for the environment and with local government involved it has the opportunity to create jobs for people with mental problems. If people can invest locally they will be able to grow their own food either to eat or to sell locally which makes the food supplychain shorter with blockchain it would be easy to track harvesting results, revenue, value growth and ownership. who here is willing to help me make this reality?

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