Purchasing EURS from STASIS, issue with wire transfer

I am seeking to purchase EURS (the stable EURO crypto) FROM what appears to be a very legitimate company called STASIS WITH fiat euros from an account in Wales BY bank wire.

My ‘red flag’ is that the ‘wire to bank’ is not in Malta but rather ‘Lithuania’. Why would the institutional account not be in Malta? Now I know Lithuania is in EU, at least I think it is…better check that, but it makes me concerned like I could be messed up by them because when I hear Lithuania I think Russia…and no disrespect ‘Belarus’ as well, you know Rocky IV impression burned in my brain…now don’t get me wrong, I am an equal opportunity Xenophobe because I would put ‘Nigeria’ #1 on that list of banks to try avoid and I am part Nigerian!

Should I be concerned by this as I seek EURS as the only stable coin in my portfolio. thankx, because if I can change, you can change, we all can change (rocky IV quote)

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Hmm. I am really not sure. Its not too well known as from what I can see. If you need a stable coin, I would say either DAI or USDC.